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  • Moisture barrier to help control moisture propagation in cementitious substrates with a moisture content not exceeding 6 % by Tramex Method, residual moisture up to 100 % R.H. or 25 lb/1,000 ft2/24 h (11.4 kg/92.9m2/24 h)
  • For substrate consolidation on concrete, cement and gypsum screeds
  • Adhesion promoter for old and new adhesive residues in conjunction with other Sika® products
  • Suitable on concrete, cement, self-leveling and gypsum substrates, OSB, plywood, quarry and terrazzo tiles, water-soluble adhesive and cutbacks


  • Solvent-free (100 % solids)
  • Easy roller applied application, low viscosity
  • Convenient, easy to mix packaging
  • Shorter construction periods
  • Excellent penetration and stabilization of the substrate
  • Reduction of adhesive consumption
  • Suitable for use on floors with radiant heating
  • Compatible with SikaBond® wood flooring adhesives, Sika® Level products
  • Can be used below floating floors


2.64 gal (10 L) pail



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